Welcome to Music Career Academy’s One-To-One Music Consulting program – the most powerful system available for advancing your career in the music business.

If you’re an artist looking to get signed, become famous, get your music into TV or film, or even just improve your game, then you owe it to yourself to stop what you’re doing right now.

My name’s Steve, and I’ve been a Senior A&R and music executive for some of the world’s largest record and music companies, including Capitol, Virgin, Elektra, Eleven Seven, Billboard, EMI, and more, not to mention a successful artist manager and entrepreneur.

Now for the first time, outside of being a label or management client, I’m offering personal, one-to-one consultation and access to the wealth of knowledge and inside-information acquired along the course of my career. 


I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and in that time, I’ve been instrumental in the early discovery of artists that have sold tens of millions of records.

I’ve won a bunch of awards in the process, and I’ve helped numerous artists reach record setting milestones in their respective careers.

We’re talking Platinum Albums, Grammy Awards, Top Ten songs, and much more.

Rock, Pop, Alternative, R&B, Singer-Songwriter, Metal, Country, Indie, Rap, Emo, you name it.

 I understand instinctively what makes the cut, what doesn’t,

and what it takes to make it, and I PERSONALLY want to help you, ONE- TO-ONE.

Forget blindly sending in music, waiting on audition lines, or companies that promise they’ll send it to someone like me if they think you’re good enough.

I’m going to PERSONALLY give you ONE-TO-ONE, hands-on, professional advice and guidance on how to improve your game, get noticed, and get you to the next level.

Trying to break into the music business can be frustrating. This is a competitive industry with tens of thousands of artists each year just trying to just get their music listened to, let alone become a star.

I understand instinctively what it takes to make it, and personally want to help you, one-to-one.

You only get one shot – let me give you the direction and advice you deserve to help get you to the next level.

Just some of the features of the One-To-One program:

The most powerful one-to-one music consulting program available for advancing your career in the music business.

For when you just want one-to-one time and professional guidance without eBooks, memberships, courses, databases, etc.

Steve will personally work with you, help identify objectives and formulate first-rate, individually tailored solutions to help accomplish your goals and bring your music career to its highest level.

Work with Steve one-to-one from 1 hour to 100, or create a custom plan.

From a personal, one-hour, one-to-one coaching session, to retainer-based custom consulting programs and services, there’s something for everyone and every budget.

Just some of the benefits of working One-To-One:

Learn, receive guidance, and/or build plans to:

Launch your career and make money with your talent, doing what you love.

Artist development and how to fine-tune your music, image, choose a name, build your brand, fan base and more, so that it’s a no brainer to industry and fans.

Record labels, publishing companies, management companies, booking agents and more, and what you need to do to develop your career to get their attention.

Find and build your team – manager, booking agent, lawyer, and more (or do it yourself).

The most powerful cost and time effective ways to market and promote yourself – on the Internet, to radio, press and more, as well as other tricks of the trade.

Get your music into TV and film, video games, and more.

Propel your career first-hand including information that’s never been shared before.

Put music out yourself and control your own destiny.

Build your fan base, get more people to your shows, even get on tours opening up for larger artists.

What makes A&R execs take notice and how to make direct contact with the decision makers.

Crowd fund or create a business plan that will attract investors to put up cash for your album, label, or other project.

Find the right Record Producer and/or studio for your project.

Music law, including how to register your copyrights, license your music, collect performance royalties, band agreements, and more

Networking in the industry, including access to members-only events.

 Much, much more.

These are just some of the companies looking for talent like you:

Click below to order the One-To-One package of your choice, or create a custom one of your own!

Due to the one-to-one nature of services, space is limited and on a first-come, first served basis. Items below are currently available unless listed otherwise.


Hourly One-To-One Music Consulting Packages:

One-To-One Packages

1 Hour One-To-One


(over $250 value)

One-To-One Packages

5 Hours One-To-One


(MOST POPULAR, over $775. value)

One-To-One Packages

10 Hours One-To-One


(over $1400. value)

One-To-One Packages

20 Hours One-To-One


(over $2650. value)

One-To-One Packages

1 Day One-To-One


(over $1249. value)

Work with Steve one-to-one for an entire day, an intensive boot camp style day of consultation & training

Hours can be split up over time or used as a block. Can be set up as a one-time project or recurring retainer (monthly, bi-monthly, etc.) for ongoing projects. Skype, phone, or as otherwise agreed. A representative will contact you to coordinate and schedule. For a sampling of some of the music consulting services offered individually or as part of a custom plan, click here.

Custom One-To-One Music Consulting Packages:

What do you need help with? Artist Development? A&R? Production? Marketing? Social Media? Legal? Something else?

Our custom music consulting division works with talent of all shapes, sizes, and stages of development on a variety of campaigns, identifying their objectives and formulating first-rate, individually tailored and multi-faceted solutions to help address their needs, accomplish their goals, and insure maximum return on investment.

Big project or small, long-term or short, we’ll craft the perfect plan, scaled and customized to meet your specific objectives and based on any budget.

For a sampling of some of the music project and consulting services offered individually or as part of a custom plan, click here.

Contact us below and tell us more about your project and budget. A representative will contact you shortly.

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If you were to attend a similar music conference or seminar the cost could easily run into the many thousands of dollars, without the one-to-one and personal aspects. Travel, badges, room & board, materials, training, recordings of the seminar, you get the picture.

And it’s guaranteed – if for any reason you’re not satisfied, email our customer service and return the unused portion of your membership, it’s that simple.

Let’s do this together.

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